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I am a story wizard. I feel the energies within words and stories. I know where the story wants and needs to go in order to find its perfect audience. And I do it all while encouraging you to find and embrace your authentic voice.

I am able to easily hone in on the source of writer's block/resistance (I don't actually BELIEVE in writer's block; there are YOU blocks, or your resistance).

I am a rock star at helping writers let GO of perceived perfections and embrace their messy, for that is where YOUR GENIUS resides!


Embrace your mess,
it's where your genius resides.


Who i am

Christina Trevaskis is a former Borders executive who has spent nearly twenty-five years in the publishing industry wearing many different hats: reader, bookseller, marketing specialist, and now author coach and editor, which is the crown she prefers donning. Throughout her career she has worked with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors such as Suzanne Brockmann, Lora Leigh, Bella Andre, Catherine Mann, Karin Tabke, Sylvia Day, Stella Cameron, Maya Banks, Cat Porter, Lorelei James, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. 

She stepped into the self-publishing world forming her business, Book Matchmaker, four years ago with the intention of helping authors navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape and discovered she also had the knack for helping authors find and embrace their own unique writing voice.

She's a Book Matchmaker, a publishing partner, a creative coach for books and their authors. She helps them BOTH be all they can be and more, working with the authors to bring more balance into their life, so they can get back to the real dream of writing.


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some of what Christina's clients have to say about her services:

Christina Trevaskis has incredible instincts. She is able to hone in immediately on my character and story issues: what’s lacking, what’s needed, where my structure needs bolstering, where my characters drift. Where I need to go. No matter the shape my draft is in, either the wreck of an early version or the more honed, revised ones, Christina easily wades through my muck, shines her light where I need to find the jewels within. She is a true professional and a brilliant, gifted editor who is extremely supportive and positive in the way she articulates her ideas, always focusing on the writer’s unique strengths. I have found her support and direction invaluable. I’ve grown as a writer, finally learning to trust my own instincts and be more fearless than ever before. I cannot envision ever working without her.
— Cat Porter
Christina Trevaskis edits in a way that she allows the author to keep her voice, while at the same time highlighting issues within the story. She is patient, articulate and timely. As a romance writer, having an editor who not only loves the genre but spent years hand selling as well as marketing romance in a brick and mortar store, she ‘gets’ it. Her skill set also includes a degree in English Lit and a minor in writing. She’s smart, open-minded, and an author’s most ardent cheerleader. I highly recommend Tina.
— Karin Tabke, National Bestselling and Award-winning author
Christina has the intuitive ability to guide my writing in the direction that I need it to go. Going the extra mile, she finds or creates resources that work for me as a writer. It’s exciting that I’m not alone in this adventure!
— Brenda Harting, Aspiring author

upcoming events

Write Out Loud:
Finding and Owning the Fearless Writer Within

You think you have what it takes to be a writer, but suddenly you're getting advice from everyone on how to write, what to write and everything gets lost in the noise and you suddenly don't even know where to start.

Or maybe you're a seasoned writer who has lost the passion in what you're currently writing. Or you're looking to get your writing to the next level, make a best seller list, or find more readers and make more money.

In this workshop you will learn how to shut out the voices (unless they're coming from your characters) and take control of your writing. Leave all the noise behind and learn to fearlessly write out loud!

Included in the workshop is a live Q & A, a copy of all the materials and a workbook character sketch. Mention where you saw this workshop and you will receive a free 30 min on-on-one with Christina to discuss your WIP (work in progress.)

Current session:

Wednesday, November 7 @ 4:00 PM CST

Register here:

Write Out Loud: Finding the Fearless Writer Within

Bolster your writing skills and give your words power with Christina’s insider knowledge of the publishing industry to launch your book from dreams into reality.

Note: Please plan for three hours for this event.

Here's what past attendees have said about the workshop:

"I’ve been cranking out chapters based on your advice. The magic happens in the editing, right? I can’t look at it right now. I want to keep going through chapters and editing instead of going forward. Hemingway is TOTALLY wrong about the writing drunk part, by the way. I like your idea better, since I’ve tried both this week. Ha!"

Kristina, aspiring author

"Christina cuts to the quick simply and fiercely, and we clearly see and feel the exciting, bright possibilities that have always been within our reach."

Cat Porter

“Write Out Loud helped me find my new mantra: Write daily with fearless authenticity…because they don’t know they want it until they read it! I am enjoying writing again and moving closer to my goal each day. My thanks to Christina for the inspirational encouragement!”

Melissa, aspiring author

"Christina has this magical way of opening you up to your depths where the fear of being seen lies, then gently guides you towards your authenticity because this is how you will be connecting with your audience. She urges each of us to write WILD without reservations, to do what scares you, and to take risks sharing all your magic through your words. She has helped me to feel that the impossible is possible, that I have a story to share and that others are wanting to read it."

Safira, aspiring author, lifestyle coach, amazing goddess, warrior beast

How to Find the Best Editor for You

Writing your first book or your 100th, finding the right editor for you could mean the difference between writing a good book and the best book of your life. In this workshop you'll learn what kind of editor will work best for what you're trying to achieve, along with tips and questions to ask yourself and your potential editor.
Coming Soon


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